Program Information

Barbary sheep, also called Aoudad, are originally from the Atlas Mountains, in North Africa. Introduced in Spain in the early 70´s near Sierra Espuña Reserve. They´re now largely extended in Alicante and Murcia provinces, and it´s an Ovis Grand Slam list species. There are very few places where it is possible to find this smart bearded sheep out of its original habitat in Africa.  The south of Spain, due the dry, arid and mountainous biotope, is one of the best places to hunt aoudad in free range.

Each season we have some permits in Murcia Province near a Game Reserve in an open-range medium altitude mountainous area. This site has a very high density of game. This factor, and the quality of our professional guides, ensures good localization of trophies and almost 100% success. Expected trophies: males from 55 to 65 cm (22 to 25 inches). Females near 40 cm (16″).

Hunting method is by stalking, but in some places we have baits with high seats and blinds installed, especially for summer time when the temperatures are really high and the animals only move for feeding and drinking early in the morning or late in the evening. We have more than 15.000 hectares of private territories, for all physical conditions and exclusive areas for bowhunters. Is it possible to hunt, in the same area and by chance, Ronda ibex. There are a small population with representative trophies (Not big).

It is possible to organize wild boar hunting during the night in high seats installed in baits. A perfect complement for this hunting.

Barbary sheep hunting area is close to Ronda and Sierra Nevada ranges where it´s possible to hunt, during the same trip, Ronda and Sierra Nevada ibex.

Hunting season

From June 15th to February 15th.  The best period is summer time, when the animals have fixed habitudes and we find them always in the ponds or feeding places. In addition is the best moment for the taxidermy: the short summer fur  increases the beauty of the long beards who garnish its chest and front legs. November and December are also good, during the rut time.


Depending of the hunting place, we have private lands in Alicante and Murcia province. The closer airport is Alicante, located from 1 to 2-hour drive from the hunting area.

Trip plan

Day 1: Meeting and greetings in Alicante  airport, transfer to the lodge, hunting in the evening if it´s possible.

Day 2 and 3: Hunting barbary sheep

Day 4: Hunting barbary sheep in the morning if it´s necessary or possible. Transfer to the airport. End of our services.

In our hunting areas the population and quality of the ibex are really high. Usually, in one or two days the hunting is done, so this schedule may change. We can offer alternative activities for hunters and observers once the  sheep is harvested.


Depending of the areas, the hunters are lodged in hotels or rural tourism houses.


3 lodging nights/3 hunting days including 1 barbary sheep   4.500€ 4.000€


Additional trophies

Second  barbary sheep 2.000€
Ronda ibex 2.500€
Female trophy 8.000€


Wild boar night hunting

Organization per night 200€
Wild boar 400€


  • Include
  • • Meeting and greetings in Alicante airport.
    • All ground transportation.
    • 3 lodging nights and 3 hunting days.
    • 1×1 hunting with English/ Spanish speaker professional guide.
    • 1 Aoudad (Barbary sheep) unlimited trophy.
    • full board lodging with 3 meals per day.
    • Soft drinks and wines.
    • Rifle rental.
    • First preparation of trophies.
  • Not Included
  • • International and domestic flights.
    • Additional trophies (see table above)
    • Spanish hunting license: 150€
    • Additional hunting day: 600€
    • Observers/additional night without hunting: 250€/day
    • Spirits.
    • Travel insurances.
    • Sightseeing tours for observers.
    • Taxidermy and trophy shipment.
    • Tips.

possible combinations

Near the Barbary sheep hunting area we can also hunt Gredos, Ronda and Southeastern Spanish Ibex. We can organize all Spanish mountain species in the same trip. Ask for a combo program.

Additional information

Guns and ammunition

Rifles in 7 mm calibers are the most adapted for this hunting: from 270 Win to 300 Weatherby, with bullets from 150 to 200 grains. Don´t forget the barbary sheep is an African animal, strong and not easy to stop on its tracks with only one bullet. Sometimes, long range shots are required, it´s important to bring good scopes with ballistic turrets.

Thanks to our sponsors Leica Sport Optics and Dorleac&Dorleac rifles, we courteously offer completely for free to our customers light, custom made, and extremely accurate rifles equipped with the last models of HD Leica Scopes.

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Note: Is the hunters responsibility to obtain a hunting or travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. Pyrenean Outfitters can provide insurance coverage hunting in any country.