Program Information

Bezoar ibex, also known as Anatolian Ibex, is the most handsome of the Ibex species with horns as long as 140+ cm. The hide of the male Ibex decorated in a wonderful harmony of black and white during the rutting season.

We have different hunting areas in south and east Turkey on Taurus and Mercan mountains. We will choose the best area for your hunt adapted to your wishes, the kind of trophy you are looking for,  and your physical condition.

The altitude is around 1,500 – 2,750 meters at most of the hunting areas. Snow is expected on the ground in January, February and March, but most of the areas do not have snow during November-December hunts.

Bezoar hunt is a typical spot and stalk hunt. We start the day very early and drive to the mountain for around 30-45 minutes from the hotel/lodge. As it gets light enough, we start glassing and try to find the best trophy. It is very common to see 10-15 male ibex a day if the hunt takes place during the rut.

Hunting season

Bezoar hunting season is between August 1 and March 31. Different mountain ranges may have different seasons depending on the rut, weather and other conditions. We recommend to come between late November and March for better results.


For Bezoar Ibex depends of the season and the trophy size you are looking for… we have areas with a huge population of representative trophies up to National Reserves with big trophies. Arrival airport may depend of the area we choose for you: Adana and Antalya are the most common.

Anatolian chamois lives in the north-east of the country. The arrival airport is Trabzon and then 3 hours-drive to Arvin Province, close to Georgia border where  lives the biggest population of Anatolian chamois.

Trip plan

Day 1: Flight to the chosen airport via Istanbul. Welcome, custom clearance and transfer to de lodge.

Day 2 to 7: Hunting Bezoar Ibex or chamois

Day 8: Fly home


For the ibex hunts we accommodate the hunters in hotels, no so far from the hunting area. In some places we also use comfortable guest houses, with Wi-Fi and all the amenities of a first-class accommodation. In Turkey usually it´s not necessary using fly camps or shelters.

In Adana and Arvin region the hunters will be accommodate in local hotels.

The food is really tasty in all the country, with a lot of different vegetables, really good meat, kebabs and excellent tea and local coffee.


2021/2022 prices
7 Hunting days including 1 ibex up to 99 cm 8.700€
7 Hunting days including 1 ibex from 100 to 109  cm 9.800€
7 Hunting days including 1 ibex from  110 to 119 cm Under request
7 Huntinf days including 1 ibex of 120 cm and above Under request


7 Hunting days including 1 unlimited chamois Under request


3 hunting nights including 1 boar + 19 cms trophy 1.780€
Each additional wild boar 700€

  • Include
  • • Welcome in the chosen airport.
    • Hunting permits and licenses.
    • 8 lodging nights/ 7 hunting days.
    • Pre-scouting.
    • Full boar lodging with soft drinks.
    • 3 meals per day
    • Professional guide and assistants.
    • All ground transportation.
    • Trophy fee.
    • First preparation of trophy.
  • Not Included
  • • Airfare
    • Hotels before and after hunting.
    • Gun rental: 90€/day
    • Travel and medical insurances.
    • Alcoholic drinks.
    • Veterinary certificate, dip and pack and CITES : 1500€.
    • Tips
    • Wild boar night hunting: see table above.

possible combinations

Depending on the season, you can combine this hunt with Anatolian Stag, Konya Sheep, Anatolian Chamois, Wild Boar hunts in Turkey.

Additional information

Guns and ammo

Shooting range is usually from 200 to 250 mts. Lightweight rifles and quality optics with ballistic turret are required if it´s possible. The hunter must have a good knowledge of the setup and trajectory of his equipment and ammunition. Cartridges like 7mm RM, 270WSM; 300Wby, 300WM, 300WSM, 30-378 are very suitable for this expedition.

Request detailed program:

Request information by phone or whatsapp: +34 619 788 789

Note: Is the hunters responsibility to obtain a hunting or travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. Pyrenean Outfitters can provide insurance coverage hunting in any country.