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Even if it is not a sheep, but a goat, the East Caucasian tur, also known as Dagestan tur is, with his cousins the Mid-Caucasian and Kuban turs, the only animals who belongs to both Capra and Ovis list of the GSCO. It lives in the eastern mountains of the Caucasus and it is possible to hunt it in Russia (Dagestan Republic), Georgia and Azerbaijan. The best hunting area is located between the border of these countries, close to the Bazarduzu mountain. All the animals at east of mountain Dikhtau are considered as Dagestan tur.

The coat is uniformly reddish-brown in summer, with under parts whitish and the tail, breast and lower legs darker. Turns a uniform dark brown in winter, with under parts slightly lighter and the tail, breast and lower legs much darker. There is a small white rump patch. Beard is dark and very short (up to three inches) and difficult to detect in some animals. The horns are quite unusual for a goat and more similar to the blue sheep than an ibex, being smooth and rounded, curving above and behind the neck (supracervical), with the tips turning inward and upward.

Hunting area is steep a and the hunter must be in good physical condition. Hunting is carry out by foot from a base camp and some nights in tents are often required. In some places hunters will hunt in horseback.

Hunting season

August 1st to November 25th. August is good season because of the weather conditions, but the animals are often in the peaks. Late October and beginning of November is the rut time and the snow forces the animals to go down of the mountains.


It is possible to hunt the Eastern tur in  Azerbaijan and  Dagestan Republic, flying to Baku in the first case and to Makhachkala in the case of hunting from the Russian side. The best flights are those of Turkish Airlines to Baku and Aeroflot via Moscow to Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan.

Horses are often used in Azerbaijan to reach camping areas. On the Russian side  the hunting is  generally  by foot, using sheppard hubs  or fly camp.

Trip plan

Day 1: Flight to Makhachkala via Moscow.  Night in plane.

Day 2: Welcome and greetings in Makhachkala, transfer to the hunting area. Rifle testing and rest.

Day 3 to 7: Tur hunting. Last day transfer to Makhachkala, night in hotel.

Day 8: Fly home.

NOTE:  Often the hunting is finished in less days than the preliminary schedule. It is recommended to buy an open fly ticket.


Usually in wood cabins, comfortable enough having in mind we will be in the middle of the Caucasus. Each cabin has double bedroom and living room. WC and   kitchen are separated from the main cabin and all base camps have a Russian sauna outside. Most part of the hunting is carry out by fly camp. The outfitter provides tents, but if you have a quality and lightweight one, we recommend to bring it. In some areas the hunting is by horse, and we will let you know, before the departure, the hunting method of the chosen hunting area.




8 travel/5 hunting days including 1 Dagestan  tur 7.000€ 6.500€



Additional trophies  
Second tur 3.500€
Yak 2.500€

  • Include
  • • Assistant in Moscow airport for custom clearance support and transfer to terminal for second flight to Makhachkala.
    • Welcome in Makhachkala.
    • 5 hunting days.
    • Full board lodging with non-alcoholic drinks
    • All ground transportation.
    • 1 guide and 1 assistant per hunter.
    • Trophy fee of 1 Dagestan tur.
    • Horses and tents if necessary.
    • English-speaker interpreter.
    • First preparation of trophies.
  • Not Included
  • • Airfare.
    • Gun import permit: 300€.
    • VISA Voucher: 120€
    • Rifle rental: 350€
    • Hotels before and after the hunting.
    • Medical and travel insurances.
    • Veterinary certificate and CITES: 300€ each trophy.
    • Trophy shipment.
    • Tips.

possible combinations

Is it possible to hunt yak from the same area. Under request, we can also organize a custom trip for the 3 turn and also Caucasian chamois combo.

Additional information

Lightweight rifles and quality optics with a ballistic turret are required. Long-range shooting is often necessary, and the hunter must have a good knowledge of the setup and trajectory of his equipment and ammunition. Cartridges like 7mm RM, 270WSM; 300Wby, 300WM, 300WSM, 30-378 are very suitable for this expedition.

Request detailed program:

Request information by phone or whatsapp: +34 619 788 789

Note: Is the hunters responsibility to obtain a hunting or travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. Pyrenean Outfitters can provide insurance coverage hunting in any country.