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There is no more dreamed species for the mountain hunter than Marco Polo argali. Divided by the Naryn River and Isisk-Kul Lake, there are two recognized subspecies in Kyrgyzstan: those who live north of the river are considered ovis ammon karelini or Karelini argali (also called Tian Shan argali), and ovis ammon polii, the famous Marco Polo, to the south. Both sub-species are very similar, although generally the Karelini’s horns has a tightest curvature and its base is thicker. The average size of the trophy is from 48 to 52 inches. The outfitter runs camps both in the north and south of the Naryn river. GSCO (Ovis Club) also recognice a third sub-species of argali in Kyrgyzstan, the Hume Argali (ovis ammon humei): the distribution area is considered Naryn River as the northern boundary and the height of land of the Ferganskiy Mountains as the southern boundary. We can also offer some licenses each year for this argali.

Hunting is due by horseback, in the amazing landscapes of the legendary Tian Shan mountains. The base camps are located around 3,000 meters of altitude above the sea level. In both areas also inhabits the Mid Asian ibex, which can be hunted as a main species or in combination with the argali. The maximum hunting altitude is from 3,500 meters for the ram and up to 4,000 meters for the ibex.

Each camp can accommodate a group of two hunters, who will be assisted by a hunting guide and an assistant each. Starting from the base camp, the hunters leave on horseback to spend several nights in a tent. Temperatures vary from 8-10ºC in August and can reach -10ºC during the day and -20ºC at night in December.

Hunting season

August 15 to December 15, being the best dates from the beginning of October to the end of November, during the migration and the rut of the rams.


Several base camps, some north of the Naryn River, and others on the border with China, located between 8 and 15 h from Bishkek.

Trip plan

Day 1: Departure from your country via Istanbul, night flight Istanbul-Bishkek.

Day 2: Arrival early in the morning, welcome and transfer to the base camp.

Day 3: Depending on the chosen area, hunt or transfer to the second camp.

Days 4 to 12: hunting.

Day 13: Return to Bishkek. Night in hotel.

Day 14: Back home.

Note: this plan is intended for the combination of argali and Ibex. For argali discount three days of hunting and five for Ibex hunting only.


The base camps are prefabricated bungalow cabins, with two-person beds, a dining area and an outdoor sauna. The camp cook will prepare for you  tasty and energetic food to help you in the hunting. The base camps are used the first day, the rest of the nights up to achieve the hunting are spent in fly camp.


2020/2021 Season
Mid asian Ibex  (9 travel -5 hunting days)   6.000€ 6.000€
Marco polo, Hume or karelini  argali (11 travel /7 huting days) under request under request
Combo argali-mid asian ibex (14 travel/10 hunting days) under request under request

Additional trophies:

Second ibex: 3.500€

Wolf: 2000€

  • Include
  • • Welcome and farewell in Bishkek Airport
    • VIP service in Airport for custom clearance.
    • All ground transportation
    • Professional guide from Pyrenean Outfitters.
    • 10, 7 or 5 hunting days depending of the species.
    • Full board lodging with 3 meals per day.
    • Trophy fees and CITES for the chosen species.
    • 1 PH and 1 assistant per hunter.
    • English interpreter.
    • Soft drinks.
    • First preparation of trophies.
  • Not Included
  • • Airfare.
    • Hotels in Bishkek.
    • Observers: 2000€
    • Alcoholic drinks.
    • Travel insurances.
    • Additional trophy fees.
    • Visa support: 200€
    • Non planned return from base camp to Bishkek: 350€
    • Taxidermy and trophy shipment.
    • Tips.

possible combinations

It is possible to hunt wolf by chance during the argali, mid-asian ibex or combo trip.

Additional information

Guns and ammunition

lightweight rifles and quality optics with a ballistic turret are required. Long-range shooting is often required and the hunter must have a good knowledge of the setup and trajectory of his equipment and ammunition. Cartridges like 300Wby, 300WM, 300WSM, 30-378 are very suitable for this expedition.

Request detailed program:

Request information by phone or whatsapp: +34 619788789

Note: Is the hunters responsibility to obtain a hunting or travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. Pyrenean Outfitters can provide insurance coverage hunting in any country.