Program Information

Benin, in Western Africa, offers the possibility to hunt a lot of different and interesting species, in a classic safari style. The north of Benin has extensive populations of West Africa savanna buffalo, Western Roan, Hartebeest Major, Harnessed Bushbuck, Western Kob, Bohor Reedbuck, Red and Common Duiker, Ouribi and Defassa Waterbuck.

Inhabitants of this Catholic, French-speaking, small republic are friendly and open people, with a majority of bareba ethnic tribes in the north and fon in the south, near Cotonou. A stable democratic republic has governed the country for more than 20 years. Benin is one of the safest countries in Africa.

Our concession, between W and Pendjari National Reserves, has 112,000 hectares of bush and savanna, near the Mekrou River. An awesome West Africa buffalo and Western Roan populations live in this area. It´s easy to see herds with more than 200 buffaloes together.  We can guarantee, in a six-day 1×1 safari, shooting both species.  For the collectors, there are two kind of buffaloes completely defined in Benin: the black one, with bigger body and trophy, and the red one, smaller and similar to the dwarf buffalo. Some red buffaloes from Benin has been registered as dwarf in the past years. If you are a buffalo hunter, you can´t miss the opportunity to hunt two different bulls in the same trip.

Hunting is carried out with local trackers, looking for fresh tracks early in the morning, and searching for the herds of buffaloes. Your professional hunter speaks French and English and has great experience guiding hunters from all over the world. Shooting range is from 40 to 70 m.

Each year we have one hippo license, but please note hippo from West-Africa is not importable to Europe and United States.

Hunting season

From end of December till end of April. The best season is from mid-February to end of March.


Hunting concession is located in the North of Benin, near the Burkina Fasso border. It´s an 14-hour drive from Cotonou to the hunting camp.

There is a domestic flight from Cotonou to Parakou, who economizes 8 hours drive, subject to availability.

Trip plan

Day 1: Arrival to Cotonou in the afternoon. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2: Transfer to hunting area. 14-hour drive in air-conditioned 4WD vehicle.

Days 3 to 9: Hunting.

Day 10: Transfer to Cotonou. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 11: Departure.

Note: add two days for 2 buffaloes or hippo safaris.


The camp has six classic African safari bungalows. Each one is air-conditioned, has a private bath and shower. There is a large dinning room with bar service, kitchen and swimming pool. Our highly qualified camp staff (camp manager, cooks, waitresses, skinners, carriers and maintenance workers) are ready to offer hunters a luxury lodging in the wild savanna.


2020/2021 season:

11 travel/ 7 hunting days, buffalo and roan 1×1 9.900€
13 travel/ 9 hunting  days, hippo, búffalo and roan 1X1 15.000€
13 travel/ 9 hunting  days, 2 buffalos and roan 1×1 17.900€

Trophy fees

Western savanna black buffalo 1.000€ Harnessed bushbuck 550€
Red  buffalo (dwarf) 1.500€ Western cob (Buffon) 550€
Roan 850€ Red Duiker 500€
Hippo 3.000€ Common Duiker (Grimm) 250€
Defassa waterbuck 850€ Oribi 250€
Hartebeest major 750€ Warthog 350€
Redunca  bohor 550€ Baboon 150€

 Government penalties: If an animal is wounded or a female is shot, a double trophy fee must be paid. The hunter is the only responsible of the shot. These rules are strictly from Benin Wildlife Department.

  • Include
  • • Meeting in Cotonou airport, firearms assistance.
    • Hunting license, firearms import fee.
    • Transportation to hunting camp in air-conditioned 4×4.
    • 7 hunting days in 2×1.
    • Full-board lodging.
    • Lodging in individual air-conditioned bungalows.
    • Swimming pool.
    • 3 meals per day.
    • Daily laundry service.
    • Soft drinks and wine in limited quantity.
    • Unlimited bottled mineral water.
    • Translator, English-speaker PH.
    • Trackers, driver, skinners.
  • Not Included
  • • Plane tickets.
    • Hotels in Cotonou before and after hunting.
    • Trophy fees (see table).
    • Skinning, cleaning, Veterinary certificates and trophies transportation to Cotonou in individual case: €500 (price includes all trophies harvesteed)
    • Bar service and alcoholic beverages.
    • Preliminary taxidermy.
    • Trophies export.
    • Tips.

Additional information

Obligatory vaccination against malaria, yellow fever, hepatitis and typhus.

In each Safari, hunters can harvest only one of each species of the trophy list.You can spend some afternoons hunting small game (doves, guinea fowls, francolins…) during your safari.

Guns and ammunition:

The west savanna buffalo is not as big as the cape species, but it weights between 500 and 650 kg. A caliber like 375H$H or bigger  is recommended with quality bullets like Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, DGX Bonded…

Request detailed program:

Request information by phone or whatsapp: +34 619 788 789

Note: Is the hunters responsibility to obtain a hunting or travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. Pyrenean Outfitters can provide insurance coverage hunting in any country.